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It would be great if this could be added and I’d certainly give 5 out of 5 if it was from Cindys knowledge. I’ve edited my review because I came across the author’s YouTube channel and website which has a lot of information and resources. Thank you for that, but I still feel that an accompanying PDF is needed to see what the author is speaking about.

meridian massage

C. Longhurst, “Neuroendocrine mechanisms of acupuncture in the treatment of hypertension,” Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, vol. C.-H. Chien, Y.-C. Tsai, C.-Y. Tseng, B.-M. Huang, and Y.-H. Chang, “The spatial and segmental innervation of somatic acupoint—a study of canine Shen-Shu point (BL-23),” The American Journal of Chinese Medicine, vol. S.-F. Hsu, C.-Y. Chen, M.-D. Ke, C.-H. Huang, Y.-T. Sun, and J.-G. Lin, “Variations of brain activities of acupuncture to TE5 of left hand in normal subjects,” The American Journal of Chinese Medicine, vol. S. Chang, “The meridian system and mechanism of acupuncture—a comparative review.

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Unlike other bad habits, you can help correct poor posture through relaxation. And massage helps reinforce healthy, natural movements so you can get your posture back on track. The demands of daily life can be super taxing on your body. With a little help from Massage Envy, we’ll keep your body running smoothly. So you can run that half marathon or that full day of meetings.

meridian massage

This is a big, beautiful poster printed on a material that looks nearly indestructible. The spa is the first Chicago location for the Leaf Spa brand, which highlights authentic wellness practices inspired by the earth’s natural wonders and seasonal evolutions. With the changing leaves and dropping temperatures, it’s the perfect time to switch up your treatment menu to add these fall-centered services.


Release endorphins, which are amino acids that work as the body’s natural painkiller. Massage therapy is a powerful tool and can be used for all of the conditions listed below and more. Treatments are structured to meet the needs and address the concerns of each individual client ensuring the highest standards of quality, integrity, service and respect. Semantic Scholar is a free, AI-powered research tool for scientific literature, based at the Allen Institute for AI. Some studies suggest that acupressure releases endorphins and promotes anti-inflammatory effects, helping with certain types of arthritis.

Grasp the shoulders by the fingers and press the Jianjing acupoint by the thumb, while Jianjing is clockwisely massaged in iterative four eight-beats as per the demonstration shown in Figure 3. By using the two thumbs and placing the little and index finger around the corner of the eye, UB10 is clockwise massaged in iterative four eight-beats as per the demonstration shown in Figure 2. The weight of the head is used to press on the thumb to massage UB10. Slightly massage the top of the scalp by using the fingertips of forefinger, middle-finger, ring finger, and pinky finger of two hands in four eight-beats.

It serves as an accessible entryway to understanding our energetic anatomy and its significant relationship to our health. The founder of Big Tree School of Natural Healing, she is an acupuncturist and a massage therapist with more than twenty years’ experience as a teacher and hands-on practitioner. She integrates Classical Chinese medicine and Western massage therapy in a unique approach to balancing mind, body, and spirit-a practice known as Meridian Massage.

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We all have pathways throughout the body where our Qi flows. These pathways are called “meridians” or “channels.” There are 12 meridians in the human body. At the same time, nerves at these pressure points are also being stimulated, thereby activating a series of networks along the meridian. This activation is what then carries the effect of the massage from one end of the body to another providing the desired healing effect.

In a way that is easily digestible, Cindy has made available to modern practitioners a buffet to savor. Neck & shoulder conditions such as pains and limited R.O.M. and back ailments are our daily concerns. Dr. Kaneko demonstrates these many effective exercises and Kyosei stretching for the popular complaints in the computer age today. There are advanced techniques we need to pay attention to.


A life full of stress, misfortune, and bad luck can quickly be relieved by listening to your inner self, your intuition, your Third Eye, within you. This audiobook will teach you how to harness the power within to make positive changes to your circumstances. Have you tried endless other solutions but nothing seems to work for more than a few weeks? Do you finally want to say goodbye to tired ineffective approaches, and discover something which works for you? You see, achieving health, balance, clarity, and inner strength doesn’t have to be difficult. Even if you’ve tried meditation, medication, or every diet under the sun.

Typically, a meridian massage is used for weekly maintenance of the body to promote the most optimal state of one’s general health, usually most effective to soothe new injuries that occur within the week. These new injuries can range from minor headaches, shoulder pain, lower back pains to even skeletomuscular disorders. Generally, when we think of massage therapy, what comes to mind is aromatherapy, deep tissue, and other regular forms of traditional massages. Focusing on acupressure points and directional flow of the Qi in the body. Chinese Meridian Massage is more than a system of relaxation and tension release.

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Growing numbers of recent scientific studies validate 3,000-year-old meridian theory. Meridian Ave Massage is honored to provide a team of highly trained licensed massage therapists and master aestheticians to serve our local Puyallup Wa community. This meridian regulates the circulation of blood to all organs. The common signs of imbalance along this meridian are dizziness, chest pains, hot flashes, and depression. Not only does it work on muscle groups, joints, sites of pain and poor circulation, but it works the same meridians and points used in acupuncture and employs the same basic theory as Traditional Chinese Medicine .

To analyze the relationship of the physiological factors of the head acupoint massage, the grey model structure is constructed as illustrated in Figure 4. The physiological stress index is taken as the major sequence factor, while the total power , very low frequency power, low frequency power, and high frequency power are taken as the influencing sequence factors. The grey model will describe the relationship between the influencing sequence factors and the major sequence factor (i.e., the relationship model between the pressure potency and the other measured physiological factors). Furthermore, the relationship weighting can represent the characteristic of the resultant physiological situation for the acupoint massage. This means that the change of weighting factors of the grey model after performing acupoint massage can point out the effectiveness and action rules of the head acupoint massage.

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Everything that you need to know about meridian massage and its significant benefits are explained below. Indulge in an extravagant ritual reserved for royalty. These actives not only assist with cellular regeneration, pigmentation and rejuvenation, but also work towards empowering the spirit, hormonal balance and emotional equilibrium. Our mission is to provide every client with a valuable and effective experience. We strive to meet each individual’s needs and we will have you feeling refreshed from head-to-toe. I am thinking of ending my subscription to ME after many years, because there are not enough therapists for me to get a massage every month.

The negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and calm the nervous system . Cupping is used to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism. Acupressure is a very important component of Chinese medicine, and is a form of deep tissue massages.

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Used to improve health, slow down aging, and prevent and treat many types of illnesses, acupressure is a vast healing science, and it is the root of many other popular forms of massage therapy. Acupressure is so much more than just pressing on a point! In this section, we learn how to perform 17 different acupressure techniques. We take time and learn exact hand positions and body mechanics for each of the 17 different acupressure and 왁싱 techniques. Often defined as a healing and energizing crystal, jade contains many beneficial minerals and trace elements such as iron, copper, manganese, cobalt, lithium and calcium. In meridian facial massage, the specially shaped jade tool serves as a non-invasive method of lifting and firming, improving circulation, discharging toxins and increasing the flow of energy.

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Blair balances his busy professional life by staying active. He enjoys cycling, swimming, working out, hiking, camping and snowboarding, depending on the season. Blair shares his free time with his wife, son and daughter outside on the weekends.


The 12 standard meridians, also called Principal Meridians, are divided into Yin and Yang groups. The Yin meridians of the arm are the Lung, Heart, and Pericardium. The Yang meridians of the arm are the Large Intestine, Small Intestine, and Triple Burner. The Yin Meridians of the leg are the Spleen, Kidney, and Liver. The Yang meridians of the leg are Stomach, Bladder, and Gall Bladder.

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Other unique meridian tools include a crown made of celadon, a type of ceramic pottery originating in China with a specific color and glaze. This tool is a symbol of power, victory and universal energy. When pathways for the body’s natural flow of energy are obstructed, the body enters into a state of imbalance, stagnation or even disease.

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To perform the scientific study of the head massage, a standard procedure of massaging head meridian acupuncture points is given in the following. Professional Meridian massage can help body function better and heal at a natural pace. Meridian massage works precisely on the Meridian system where about 368 acupoints are situated. There are around 120 different documented techniques that are used in acupressure and that have been discussed and practiced through the history of acupressure and meridian massage. A healthy body needs sufficient qi and blood, and a good qi-blood circulation. Patients always asked me why they feel pain in some parts of their body.

A growing body of research has suggested that massage can soothe anxiety and stress for it reduces the level of hormone cortisol, the major trigger to stress, resulting in relieved spirits and lower blood pressure. Besides, two important happiness hormones, Serotonin and Dopamine, will be boosted after a good relaxing Meridian Massage. Ai Jiu, a highly effective TCM moxibustion, a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves the burning of mugwort, a small, spongy herb, to promote healing with acupuncture. The purpose of moxibustion, as with most forms of traditional Chinese medicine, is to strengthen the blood, stimulate the flow of qi, and maintain general health.

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Here the characteristic of the data system can be clarified from calculating the relationship weighting of the grey data model. In contrast, traditional regression analysis or statistics commonly require a very large amount of data to obtain a correct analyzed result of system behavioral data. As a result, the grey model theory is suitably applied on the characteristic analysis of the head meridian acupoint massage which accompanies complex and uncertain physiological relation. Fifteen men with opioid use disorder on methadone maintenance treatment have been enrolled from an addiction treatment center as an experimental group in this case-controlled study. This group is receiving laser meridian massage on the back, including the Bladder meridian and Governor Vessel, 3 times weekly for 4 weeks. An age-matched control group that does not receive laser meridian massage has also been enrolled.

It’s a method of activating the body’s self-healing mechanisms to treat illness and alleviate pain. Like acupuncture, which uses tiny needles, acupressure stimulates the body at certain meridians, or pressure points. Since the coefficients carry the intrinsic information contained in the data sequences, the coefficients can indicate the relationship between the major sequence and the other influence factors .

The same test procedure continues for four weeks for all subjects. In detail, the experimental setting and the massage method are given below. In this paper, we firstly formulate the study method of head meridian massage in Section 2. In Section 3, the grey model is presented to data analysis.

Obviously, the averaged PSI value of subjects is reduced after performing head (cf. Figure 5). The relaxation effect of PSI is averaged 28.6% with respect to the pretest PSI from 56.6 to 69.8. This effect matches the big change of the relationship weighting in the grey data models before and after head massage.

To learn more about this study, you or your doctor may contact the study research staff using the contact information provided by the sponsor. Choosing to participate in a study is an important personal decision. Talk with your doctor and family members or friends about deciding to join a study. To learn more about this study, you or your doctor may contact the study research staff using the contacts provided below. For general information, Learn About Clinical Studies.

In Section 4, the analyzed and discussed results are presented. Finally, we make some conclusions and suggestions for the further research in Section 5. The principles of meridian theory first appeared in a Chinese medical text dating from the third century B.C. Meridian theory focuses on “qi,” known as “life energy,” which flows through 670 meridian points located along 20 major pathways. These “energy freeways” connect different parts of the body, from head to toe. There are 60 meridian points on the face alone, each connecting with other parts of the body, including internal organs.

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Did you know that the vagus nerve in your body has a direct role in alleviating depression and stress? Explore the simple and general information on one of the most crucial nerves present inside your body. Take a deep breath and step into a world of factual knowledge gathered from the professional and personal experiences of Theodore O’Malsomighi. Similar to Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Massage is used to relax the entire body but it is used on the deeper muscle tissue with deeper pressure.

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The baseline patient characteristics will be compared between the experimental and control groups using the independent t test and Chi-square test. Data are compared between the 2 groups using repeated-measures analysis of variance, generalized estimating equations, and the paired t test. To further quantize the effect of head massage, this section applies the grey model to analyze the measured data of the physiological indices of autonomic nerves. In grey system theory, the main function of model is one of the methods to carry out the relationship weighting calculation among the discrete sequences of measured data.

These practices can be done several times each day, but Moreau says you should give your body a break if any points are sore to the touch. He recommends starting with light pressure and gradually moving to a more firm touch. Unlike Western massage, Oriental massage uses meridians and main points along the meridians to produce harmony by driving electromagnetic currents in the body.

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