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The Yoga she is taking me through is easy to replicate at home and calms me down prior to going to bed for a peaceful night sleep. The massages she does also unblocks and cleans the system internally. During massage, the pregnant woman should provide feedback on the pressure and level of discomfort. She should also not lie flat on her back for long periods after 19 weeks. Sidelying positions with lots of pillows to support the legs and belly is a favourite. Or supported sitting whilst leaning forwards may be another comfortable position.

Our goal as your natural health therapist is to provide you with gentle care, understanding and sanctuary. A soothing massage to de-stress, release muscle tension and balance body and mind. Louisa uses a unique blend of Swedish, remedial and relaxation techniques to provide the perfect combination of soft tissue massage for tension release and blissful relaxation. During pregnancy women experience significant hormonal changes in the body, and this can result in a wide range of symptoms.

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Our physiotherapists are from Australia and England and our pilates and massage team are from America and Japan. A traditional form of massage therapy to soothe any tight muscles, reduce your stress and increase mobility. Our experienced team of Women’s Health Physiotherapists provide personalised care during pregnancy, following delivery and beyond. We offer a range of Osteo services in our clinic in Yarraville, Melbourne, VIC. We also offer other integrative health treatments that support Osteopathic work.

It is very important to me that the massage was a positive experience for you, so if something troubling comes up in your mind we will address it and turn it into an opportunity to heal. If you would like to come again for another massage, I will also take note of how this massage has gone for you and how to tailor it for you more next time. There may be things in your tantric massage that could provide an insight for you in your private life and we can revisit them in our conversation. I can also suggest how you could build on this at home, and I can suggest what further development I can offer to you on subsequent massage sessions.

Sciatica affects the sciatic nerve, a large nerve extending from the lower back down the back of each leg. Sciatica is often caused by irritation of the root of the lower lumbar and lumbo-sacral spine. Chiropractic treatments can help to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve. Whether you’ve had your pain for a long time or recently, we can help you get your life back! With our comprehensive history and examination, we will be able to tell you what is happening, and how we can help.


There is some evidence that high stress levels can lead to a decreased chance of conception. The pressure to become pregnant can trap you in a vicious cycle that ultimately lowers your odds of seeing that plus sign on the test. If you’re trying to start a family, the cortisol-lowering benefits of massage can give your body a head start.

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Our highly trained Women’s Health Physios are passionate about helping women achieve their health and well-being goals. They commonly treat pre and post-natal women, pelvic floor conditions, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse and more. Much of the back and hip pain experienced during pregnancy is caused by these issues. That’s why we recommend regular check-ups during your pregnancy to make sure your spine and pelvis are functioning and moving appropriately.

It also gives you time to relax and have more trust and confidence in doing this work with me. Our expert team of physiotherapists at Chevron Island Physio will get you back to doing the things you love in the quickest time possible. Pregnancy is a one-of-a-kind experience, but that’s no reason to live with the pain. Pregnancy can be a tough time for a woman, with hundreds of little physical and hormonal changes occurring over the course of nine months. One of the changes we see affecting women most is the change to your centre of gravity . This change in gravity causes you to arch your back and makes it difficult to perform your daily tasks the usual way.

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The focus of a Tantric bodywork for women is often different from client to client, depending on your reasons for coming to see me. Through the sensual journey of Tantric Massage and Yoni massage, a woman can discover how to reach for radiant sexual happiness and wellbeing. With this Tantric bodywork, a woman can make her sexual energies flourish, balance out and nurture her in everyday life.

We work to get to the root of your issue with every age group from newborn babies, new mums going through pregnancy, to the elderly. We are looking for a massage therapist who is enthusiastic about contributing to a team and keen to take on communication and education roles. A genuine drive to offer gold standard care for clients and consistently improve is a must. She offers a truly therapeutic massage drawing on her kind and intuitive nature. She brings an intentional healing approach and is able to work out areas of tension using a variety of techniques, including muscle testing, trigger pointing, stretching and cupping.

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This can lead to unhealthy positions when you stand or sleep, leading to damaged joints or a misaligned spine. LAWRENCE, Kan. — A man recently charged with a child sex crime had provided massage services to some University of Kansas women’s athletic teams since 2015, the school’s chancellor and athletic director said. Sadhana offers focussed & transforming massages in a private tranquil setting at her beachside residence, at reasonable rates.

She likes to look at things holistically, encouraging self-care and the importance of lowering stress.Anna also has an interest in primary health care, international aid, camping, and exploring our beautiful country. She has spent time living and working in Papua New Guinea, Puerto Rico, Malawi , and India. Unlike some other techniques that may focus more on relaxation, deep tissue massage therapy will stimulate blood supply which helps loosen tight muscles, making joints more mobile. Easing stress and tension, and stabilising muscles, our deep tissue massage Gold Coast therapists can help to improve problems including muscle strain, soreness, fatigue and injury, aiding rehabilitation. Massage therapy can assist in the management of a range of musculoskeletal conditions or simply be a great way to relieve the stress and tension of life. Our massage therapists incorporate a number of styles including deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage and sports massage.

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In some cases, the nature of the item means that it is non-returnable, for example, due to hygiene/health and personal care/wellness/consumable nature of the product. In some circumstances, these items may be eligible for a refund or a replacement . They include the use of Chinese herbal mud to aid the body in detoxifying, reducing water retention and relieving wind. The subsequent 4 sessions focus on the use of Bioelectric Meridian Massage to clear blockages, improve circulation, promote breast health, relieve tension and drain the lymphatic system. Vera Women’s Wellness acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community.

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This involves playing an integral part of our team, helping provide manual treatment to clients that allow them to move well and feel great. After childbirth — back to their pre-pregnancy productivity, pre-pregnancy body, pre-pregnancy spirit, pre-pregnancy sexual activity. However, it’s really important to acknowledge that your body has just achieved an amazing act of giving birth, and your vagina will not bounce back and feel ‘normal’ straight away. Disassociating or ignoring your vagina can contribute to dysfunction and affect your relationship with your partner further down the track.

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With our holistic approach during your treatment we often can combine a number of different modalities to improve your health and well being. This will and does give you the best possible outcome for your wellness journey. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalised tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. We’ll also send you regular tips for getting the best of your body and offers we think you’ll love.


He is involved in the local community as physiotherapist to numerous local football and netball clubs. David also has specialised skills to treat both low back pain and headaches, using a combination of manual therapy, acupuncture and exercise programs. Myofascial Cupping is an ancient practice which is thought to stimulate healing. It involves small plastic cups, commonly placed on the back, neck, shoulders, and other body areas which are a site of pain or dysfunction.

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Massage therapists use movements and actions that target common problems experienced by pregnant women focusing on a holistic approach, which champions mental and physical health. For many women it can provide curative benefits, especially for those struggling with pain or discomfort. Anyone who has experienced numerous massages, especially at the hands of different therapists, will undoubtedly have had their pain threshold not only met, but overrun at some point.


And this is especially important for women planning for pregnancy, in the event of a perineal tear, episiotomy or instrumental vaginal delivery . Our therapists take a remedial mindset with targeted work on areas in need, creating lasting relief while improving mobility and function. Using myofascial release, trigger point therapy and sustaining home care advice. Alongside ergonomic advice, motor vehicle & workers compensation claims, dry needling & physiotherapy, we also provide a range of additional services. Just a pleasant method to combat pain, discomfort, stress, and burn-out. And what’s more, you don’t even need to go to a massage clinic to get a massage.

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If you are an athlete or engage in an exercise routine, it is recommended that you have a Chiropractor as part of your healthcare team to support your body. Chiropractic adjustments have also been found in several studies, to increase athletic performance. Our Brisbane massage services included remedial, sports, rehabilitation , myofascial dry needling, and chronic pain management. At Forge West End our focus is to deliver an unparalleled level of support through physiotherapy, exercise physiology, clinical pilates and performance training. Some massages, such as those for treating trigger points or deep tissue massage, will involve some degree of discomfort simply because damage already exists.

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Beck is passionate about helping her clients improve their quality of life by combining hands-on treatment and appropriate exercise prescription to reduce pain and improve musculoskeletal and biomechanical function. Beck believes strongly in educating and empowering her clients to gain a better understanding of their body and to have the confidence to make informed choices for their health and wellbeing. We provide safe remedial massage and myotherapy for women in all stages of pregnancy to help manage discomfort. Treat yourself or a loved one to two hours of pampering and indulgence.


Our team of therapists are trained and equipped to sufficiently provide pregnancy massages and pregnancy chiro treatments. It is best to contact us for more information on your pregnancy before booking your appointment. Sports massage therapy will often include a combination of soft and deep tissue massage, plus physiotherapy techniques.

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The particulars of the sports massage technique are specific to the athlete’s sport of choice. Focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive movements. Specially designed sports massage promotes flexibility, 서울마사지 reduces fatigue, improves endurance, helps prevent injuries and prepares their body and mind for optimal performance. Mick Curran, Natalie Bell and Stephanie Polmear are experienced remedial massage practitioners.

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Our Exercise Therapy classes are run by Physiotherapists and incorporate pilates equipment. After a thorough examination; your program will be tailored based on your needs, goals and injuries. Exercise therapy is great at focusing the mind, re-energising the body and improving your overall health and well-being.

All of our massages are provided by physiotherapist who have the training and expertise to understand your pre-existing conditions, injuries and pain. Your therapist can identify any problem areas and provide professional assistance and on-the-spot advice. Optimising your pelvic floor recovery following childbirth 중국마사지 helps to prevent unwanted conditions such as prolapse, incontinence or pain during intercourse. It is common for women to dissociate from their vaginal area after sustaining a pelvic floor injury or a traumatic birth. Not only does the area feel strange and uncomfortable, you may also fear reliving the experience.

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She is passionate about the positive benefits of massage therapy and wants to ensure her clients leave feeling like they have physically and mentally benefited from massage. A woman’s connection with her Yoni in a sensual experience is one of the main things women need to explore. It is very misunderstood, and it can change your life for the better. A Yoni massage lets you experience how to connect much deeper and gives you a lot more out of the whole experience of Tantric Massage.

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Melissa has worked in the industry since then, and takes pride in the thorough treatments she provides to her clients, utilizing techniques and skills she has acquired through additional training and experience. As a mum of three children, and a retired state and national level competitive athlete Linda can see the benefits of massage for all. While pre and post-natal massage is a passion of hers, she feels massage is important for the whole family, children included. She believes no matter what age, learning to appreciate and understand our bodies is incredibly important; massage can support us to function at our best. Melanie completed Suzanne Yates Advanced Pregnancy Massage Course in 2014 at the Shiatsu College in Brunswick, here she deepened her skills in supporting women both in pregnancy and in the post natal period. In 2018 Melanie upgraded her massage training from Therapeutic qualification to a Diploma of Remedial Massage at The Collective Wellness Institute in Hawthorn.

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If you’re looking to improve your activity levels come and have a chat with one our physios to get a tailored exercise program to suit you. She has a naturally strong style, releasing tension with specific remedial techniques, and of course can offer relaxation for those who enjoy a more gentle massage. Melissa is a qualified remedial massage therapist, completing her remedial massage diploma at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Melbourne in 2009. Linda draws on her years of experience and provides her clients with an educated and holistic treatment, aimed to bring the body back into balance to ensure it functions optimally. She is strong and can work deeply, yet has an attention to detail within her treatments that we all love.


Massage also helps recovery from soft tissue injuries such as sprains and strains. Everybody experiences some form of stress through work, family, the environment and society. Hormones released by stress shrink the vessels, inhibiting circulation. Sports massage is a type of massage focusing on loosening muscle fibres caused by sport-related tension and helps aid an athlete’s performance. A sports massage is ideal for people who have sport-related massages or want to improve their recovery post sporting events. David has broad experience in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries, including sports injuries.

A woman’s body goes through some amazing changes during pregnancy to accommodate the growing fetus within the uterus and abdominal area. Unfortunately, many aches and pain can come along with the changes in body weight, shape and posture. Sar is deeply respectful and passionate about women’s health, so I always feel incredibly safe and able to fully let go in her presence.” L.C. Michelle has managed her own business at Hanya Massage Therapy and Sah Sin Massage Therapy. Using traditional techniques including hot stone massage, Michelle is dedicated to both the the long term health and short term relief of every client she cares for. Sports massage includes different techniques performed to help active people or athletes in recovery or to treat & prevent injury.

Sports massages have a range of benefits such as reaching peak performance, helping the muscles to recover correctly and preparing the body for future exercise. Constant exercise puts a lot of strain on the muscles and tendons of the body. Untreated muscles and connective tissues that experience this constant strain result in a hypertonic or ‘tight’ muscle.

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